Edwards Apprentice TT Mk2/C50 Turntable

Edwards Apprentice TT Mk2/C50 Turntable


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Edwards Apprentice TT Mk2/C50 Turntable Vinüülplaadimängija

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The Edwards Audio Apprentice TT Mk2 – is probably the most competitive turntable in its class, it comes with our EA202 fully cast tonearm and new in house designed and manufactured plinth. It is supplied with a clear dust cover and comes in a satin red, white or black finish.

The Apprentice TT mk2 is a smart and very well-functioning turntable with a sound that will surprise in the price range.

The toner arm EA202 is a special version of Rega’s famous RB-202 with single-piece cast arm and super frictionless bearings. By default, the Apprentice TT mk2 comes with Edwards’ own Zephyr C50 mm pick-up.

The plinth is made of 18 massive Medite, a very light and rigid MDF plate with good internal damping. The plinth is lacquered in a very nice finishing touch finish that is easy to keep in the daylight. 11mm frosted acrylic platter

The center of the brass is produced in-house and the plate plate is a 12 mm precision-worn acrylic sheet. .

Turntable , Cartridge , Tonearm & Dust Cover Supplied